8 Best Software for Android Data Recovery

Software The catch here is that on deleting a file, its data is not washed away entirely. Android marks that space as empty and treats the file as missing. Hence, you cannot see the file, and that space can be overwritten by new files. When that space is occupied by original files, you can say your file is lost.


Since a majority of Android phones do not have a recycle bin, you cannot retrieve your data back through it. Ultimately, Android data recovery software can be employed to rescue your files. The software can scour the memory of the Android phone to search for pages that are marked with 0 in order to locate recoverable data.

Furthermore, the tool pieces the recoverable data back together while giving it a salvageable format. Also, it is advised to utilize data recovery tools as soon as the file is being deleted so that the chance of recovering data becomes fairly high.

In order to recover data, typically three easy steps are involved:

  • Connecting the device successfully with a PC where the recovery software is installed
  • Choosing the file type followed by scanning
  • Choosing the desired files and recovering the data

Below mentioned are some of the software you can use to recover data from your Android devices.

Tenorshare UltData

Tenorshare is considered as one of the best Android data recovery software you can find. It claims to have the highest success rate in the industry and is compatible with more than 6000 devices, including Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi, Huawei, and so on.

This software has made it effortless to recover your deleted photos and WhatsApp messages from your smartphone without root. Even if you have no backup, it can recover videos, voice, stickers, documents, etc. on WhatsApp.


dr.fone data recovery software claims to be the world’s first brand that provides data recovery services for personal usage. It has been leading the industry for over eight years and supports more than 6000 Android devices. You can even extract files from your broken Samsung smartphones.


D-Back offers an easy way to recover your deleted data from Android smartphones or tablets. You can even get them back from broken phones. This software supports multiple Android smartphones and file types, including call logs, messages, photos, audios, videos, contacts, documents, and WhatsApp data.


The easy-to-use software EaseUS can efficiently recover your deleted files such as contact, text messages, videos, photos, documents, and audio. It supports more than 6000 Android devices, including Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, OnePlus, Asus, and so on.


Using FonePaw, you can easily recover your deleted media and texts from your Android device. The scanning speed of this tool is relatively faster while protecting the privacy of your data, including call logs, messages, photos, videos, documents, and WhatsApp media.

Disk Drill

7-Data Recovery, which now Disk Drill, leverages powerful technology to recover data from Android devices. It is simple to use and free that can retrieve your data back after it is deleted unintentionally or through corruption.


PhoneRescue is probably the only one that can recover deleted data and restore it directly to your smartphone. Whether you root your device or not, it can still find and recover deleted data.

The software can restore different types of data from your phone, including WhatsApp data and attachments. Leveraging customized technologies for each smartphone and tablet, PhoneRescue recovers files at an impressive speed.

Apart from that, the software can save your device when it is locked with pattern, password, or fingerprint, without losing data.


If you have deleted some useful data from your device by system updates, ROM flashing, device rooting, or simply by accident, AirMore can help you restore the files like you never lost it. It offers a faster way of data recovery from both SD cards and internal memory of the device. From internal storage, the software can recover data such as contacts, messages, photos, audio, videos, call logs, documents, and WhatsApp data. On the other hand, the device can restore data such as photos, videos, audio, and documents from SD cards.

Wrapping Up

Losing data is indeed a painful experience, especially when you cannot afford to lose them permanently. But it happens and not to worry; the above listed Android data recovery software can help you restore the files. No matter what the type of file you have lost or the android device you use, a data recovery software offers an efficient, secure, and faster way to get them back.