Five Best Remote Training Tools to Use Today

Remote training tools have become necessities in the world of office and business operations. Staff members at various remote locations in a workplace can utilize such tools to learn about all sorts of new skills and functions that they might need to complete.

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Each of these tools for remote training are different from each other so it will help to look into what can be utilized in different programs. All of them can work on different devices, so it will help to see what makes them distinct and useful in many forms.

ezTalks Meetings

The first option to see for a remote training tool is ezTalks Cloud Meeting. Designed to work through a cloud network, it offers support for full real time HD video and audio. This makes it easier for people to watch training programs from their computers no matter where they are. In fact, it is suitable for use on all major platforms, like Android, iOS, Windows and Macintosh OS X.

ezTalks Cloud Meeting works with larger online training room. Up to five hundred people at a time can get onto a singular online training room for free at once. This ensures that more people can get onto their remote training sessions at a given time.

Training room and connectivity functions as well as communication points can be activated or blocked for individual remote learners. Interactive whiteboards are also provided on the program to make it easier for various training tools to be administered. Public and private texts alike can be supported through the setup as well. The presenter can also share screens remotely in real time with other viewers. The display on one’s computer will be projected onto remote locations through a simple pop-up screen within the ezTalks environment.

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WizIQ is another remote training tool that can also work on mobile devices. This uses a virtual classroom setup that makes it easier for people to access courses. The course builder function does well for producing many classes while a separate module is designed for planning tests and quizzes that can be administered on tablets and phones. The ecommerce system also manages instructional functions that might work in larger business spaces.

The interface on the WizIQ setup is intuitive to different mobile devices. It improves upon how well people can get the most out of the content they are trying to establish. The setup works for most mobile operating systems so it should not be all that difficult for people to get the most out of the ones that they are aiming to use.


The iSpring remote training tool uses a design where people can assign presentations, text documents, videos or courses to certain remote learners. These learner accounts are secured on a cloud network.

People can track the statistics of individual participants in the learning program. Unique setups can also be established after analyzing or testing the qualities of individual members. The arrangement uses a strong design that improves upon how well people can get individual bits of data saved and used right.


The next of the remote training tools to see is Looop. This is a program that focuses especially on producing questionnaires and quizzes for remote learning purposes. These are produced on the program with a simple interface that entails creating as many questions as desired and in a variety of formats. It saves information on participants and directs them to specific training modules based on their quiz results.

This is used primarily by businesses aiming to educate their workers about certain functions. When used properly, it becomes easier for a business to figure out what skills employees have to learn to be more productive. The learning environment is especially conducive to helping employees understand what they can do to thrive in their environments.

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Zoho Showtime

Those who are looking for instant feedback can use the Zoho Showtime program. This is prominent among remote training tools for how it offers a design where real time polls and feedback functions are supported. The program focuses on interactions with learners as a means of getting information on how well learners understand certain concepts.

Instructors can offer detailed descriptions of their tutorials and other features through Zoho Showtime. Presentations can also be organized through Showtime in the form of slides. These can be controlled and accessed at different points during a presentation.


Remote training tools are essential for all sorts of instructional needs. There is always going to be a need to help people in any workplace to learn about what can be done to get conversations supported and to attain feedback. With a great remote training tool, it becomes easier for a business to stay active and to get the word out about various concepts and important points that it wants its employees to understand.