How Internet of Things will change our lives

lives When put into the simplest words, the IoT is the application of sensors, IT and networking technologies to connect billions of devices across the globe. Although IoT sounds like just another IT jargon, it is definitely one of the most up and coming phenomenon.


IoT potentially has the power to change our lives because it will connect us in ways we cannot even imagine yet. It promises to soon connect every device you own and almost every object you can imagine, to the internet.

Fusion Informatics offers various apps that build on the foundation laid by the IoT. We offer wearables, healthcare automation, household automation and business automation apps. The apps expertly made by us make this process seamless.

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It is safe to say that in the next 10 years our lives will be very different than what it is now. Everything right from your refrigerator, thermostat, car and doorbell will be connected to the internet making you a part of vast network where almost every object you use is connected. There are several who argue that IoT will make complicate matters rather than simplify due to the high dependence on softwares but a lot of people with IT knowledge do believe that IoT will revolutionize cities, countries and our daily lives by making them much more easier.

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This paradigm shift in technology will create avenues for several new businesses and will majorly impact the world economy. While there are several flashy applications that are being marketed under the IoT umbrella, it’s the everyday