How to Reduce your NetApp 2040 Support Costs

The question of how to reduce NetApp 2040 support costs is posed to us regularly.The reason is because customers have sticker shock when they are presented by NetApp with their support contract renewal.

The answer to the question is becoming clearer to NetApp customers each day and it is to find a Third Party Maintenance organization that focuses solely on support and in particular has specialty in NetApp. A Third Party Maintenance company will be able to drastically reduce your support costs but it is critical to find the right organization.


As mentioned, you want to find a company that focuses only on support and not selling product or anything else because that distracts them from providing great support to you. A company that provides more than just support is a clear indicator that they sell support as an add-on and is not their core competency, which will leave you vulnerable when you most need them.Finding a company who focuses on support as their business should be your first priority.

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From there, drill down more.

What type of support is at their core?If it is focused on the data center (Storage, Servers, Networking equipment), you are on the right path.If it appears they focus more on desktops, printers and peripherals they probably don’t have the expertise nor focus that you need for you NetApp 2040 support.

The next step is to scrutinize their NetApp qualifications. The first question to answer is if their support only includes hardware support or do they provide OnTap support t as well. If it is hardware support only, move on.A NetApp Third Party Maintenance provider must have the ability to support the software (OnTap) as well as the hardware. The Third Party Maintenance provider should provide you with high quality, well trained Level 3 engineers who have the ability to support OnTap. By demonstrating this, the provider is showing you they have the knowledge necessary to support your equipment.

Finally, once you have met these criteria, ask to speak with some of the engineers and to some customers. That will give you the comfort level you need.

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To read a concise whitepaper that gives great guidance as to what you should get from your support provider,

The recap to the criteria needed to reduce your NetApp 2040 support is:

  • Find a Third Party Maintenance organization that has their business focused on support and not on other aspects.
  • Make sure they focus on Data Center equipment.
  • Make sure OnTap support is included and not just hardware.
  • Speak with engineers and customers.

By following these guidelines, you will be able to successfully reduce your NetApp 2040 support costs while not sacrificing the quality support you require.