Simple Steps to Troubleshoot Wireless Connection Issues

Troubleshoot How frustrating it is to lose internet connection when you are right in the middle of something important? I’d say, on a scale of 1-10, it is on 12. But, it has happened to all of us. We have all had that pesky encounter with the situation where the internet decided to go on an on a power nap when we needed it to be highly active.


There has got to be a solution to the situation that is not cumbersome. Let’s find out what we can do at our end to troubleshoot the moody wireless network.

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Start with checking your device: Most laptops have a button or key that can turn on or off the wireless radio. Check for this feature on your device, in case you turned the key off by mistake.

Sometimes when the computer or the laptop is running low on battery, the laptop turns off features that it deems would consume battery unnecessarily. You can stop your device from acting smart. You can go to ‘Settings’ on your device. Go to the power option and change the settings so that the computer doesn’t turn the wireless off at any given time. Checking your laptop instead of getting frustrated due to breakage in-network, would be a wiser thing to do.

Go check your modem or router: There are a number of objects that can obstruct the signal you get on your wireless. Best would be to install the router at a central place in your house so that the chances of walls or any other objects obstructing the signal deplete. When you face the connectivity issues, the best would be to check the router. Turn it off and give it a moment’s rest. Chances are pretty strong that it will start working when you turn the router on again.

Make your SSID public: As soon as you turn your device on, be it a computer, laptop or a tab, it starts detecting the nearby wireless connections. But your device will be able to find the nearest connection if only the SSD on your computer is turned on for the public. Turn the SSD on if it already is not and your connection issues will be fixed.

Take the Ping test: Going for a Ping test can be one of the options. Whichever website you are trying to open, type ping and the address of that website; the target website receives little data packets when you Ping the site. If the site responds, it means your Ping was a success but if it doesn’t, it is time to check the router or the modem you have or to call the service provider as the problem can be at his end too. Bear in mind that not all websites accept Ping, still it is a great way of checking the network connection you have.

Update the Drivers: Drivers can cause a major obstruction to the network you receive on your connection. Make sure that your drivers are all up to date. Best would be to update your system first and then going for an update of windows. Make sure that no unnecessary applications are running the background because that will slow the system and indirectly will impact your internet experience.

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Restart your computer: sometimes some of the applications do not respond when you turn the computer on. In that case, restart your computer; restarting would be like waking up the sleeping applications and drivers that did not respond to your first call.