Best Deals on Hockey Goalie Equipment

As a ice hockey goalie with many years experience, I will direct you to some of the best deals on hockey goalie equipment, as well as sizing and what equipment to look for suitable to your level of competition.

First of all, it’s been my experience that it is best to pay a modest price more for hockey goalie equipment that will last more than a season or two.

It is more economical than buying new goalie equipment every year (depending how much you play and at what level), that will not provide the protection that the best hockey goalie equipment offers.

Getting the best quality hockey goalie equipment at the best prices, will ultimately be your best deal.

Equipment manufactured in the Orient may be considered for beginners or those not serious about the sport, as they are less expensive than their “pro” level equivalent, (usually produced in Canada and Scandinavia).

Hockey equipment made in the Orient generally provides a little less protection, quality and durability.

The best known brands of equipment for hockey goalies are Reebok (RBK, CCM, Jofa, Koho), Nike/Bauer (Mission, Itech), Brians, Graf, Sherwood (SWD) and Vaughn.

These companies have the best range of equipment for hockey goalies that covers the spectrum from the novice to the professional.

Watch what equipment that the Professional goalies are using.

Even though the Pros are subsidized by the manufacturers, they also have to deal with a long season, and need the best equipment that they can get.

If you find great deals on goalie equipment locally, go for it. Equipment bought locally may be better supported than buying online.

Local shops are also best for trying on various manufacturers’ equipment for goalies on as well as getting the right size equipment for yourself.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of online deals, sales and closeouts to get your best deals on equipment for goalies, including better selections and the best prices.

It is ultimately your choice.

Wherever you go, just go educated.

Source by George M